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What The Multigene Doodle Means Here at Bubbling Springs Doodles

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We want to help our families understand how we create the best Multigenerational Bernedoodle.

The basic explanation is that any multigene doodle is the product of breeding two doodles past the second generation. This means that neither parent of a multigene litter will be the originating first generation dog i.e.: The Poodle or Bernese Mountain Dog. Both parents will already be a careful blend of both breeds creating the Bernedoodle. We have selected from our own lines the best Parents to continue to produce stellar puppies as we transition more into offering multigene doodles. We are so grateful that we have been able to go in this direction starting from the beginning with our foundation dogs that we adore. We trust our lines immensely. With these new multigene lines will be able to create wonderful litters with the flexibility of determining each parental breed percentages (more Bernese than Poodle) while offering families a range of coats, colors, and size and maintain the integrity, health and structure from our founding parent dogs and now our Multigenerational Doodles.

Let's talk about allergies and puppies/dogs. We aim to make our puppies as allergy friendly as possible through purposeful and well-planned pairings. A multigenerational puppy/dog can often be allergy friendly even though they have more Bernese in them. This is due to the furnishing gene. It has been determined that when looking for an allergy friendly dog you should be making sure that the puppy has 2 copies of the furnishing gene. We will be able to select our adult pairings for our multigene lines that will produce pups that will have 2 copies.

Below is a generational guide of Doodles:

  • F1 Bernedoodles are a first generation cross where the puppy is 50 percent Bernese Mountain Dog and 50 percent poodle.

  • F1b Bernedoodles are a backcross, puppies are 25 percent Bernese and 75 percent poodle.

  • Multigenerational Bernedoodles can be bred F1b to F1b and up.

  • F2 Bernedoodles are a second generation cross, which means an F1 Bernedoodle crossed with an F1 Bernedoodle. These puppies may not be allergy friendly. We will not be producing this generation.


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