Bubbling Springs Doodles Parents

Nyla .jpg

Female - Nyla

Nyla is 100lbs. and loves being around people. She is very loyal and loves giving hugs!

Bernese Mountain Dog AKC Registered

- 105lbs. and 23"
- Registered Name - Bubbling Springs Nyla of Nadya
- Call Name - "Nyla"
- OFA cardiac - normal
- OFA elbows - normal
-OFA hips - Good
- Health testing - done - results all clear
- Documentation upon request

Bubbling Springs Doodles River 1.jpg

Female - River

River is a spunky, well behaved and obedient little girl. She is super intelligent and loves to play!

Bernese Mountain Dog AKC Registered

- 85lbs. and 26"
- OFA Hips - Good
- OFA Cardiac - Normal
- OFA Elbows - Normal
- DNA Health testing is clear
DM, DM Bernese type, VWDI
- Pedigree on file


Male - Crew

Crew is a gigantic boy and has the most amazing personality and temperament!

Bernese Mountain Dog AKC Registered

- 120 lbs. and 26"
- AKC name - Bubbling Springs Makar Igors Chariot (means blessed warrior)
- Call name - "Crew"
- DNA Clear
- OFA Hips - Good
- OFA Patella - Normal
- OFA Elbow - Negative
-Penn hip - 0.48
- OFA Cardiac Normal
- This gorgeous boy's Mom and Dad are European imports. Mom has her Junior Championship in Russia.

BSD Marvick 2.jpg

Male - Maverick

Maverick was very easy to train. His favorite thing to do is play ball! He is a lover!!

Parti Phantom Standard Poodle AKC Registered

- 45lbs. and 21"
- AKC registered name - Bubbling Springs Muddin' on our Maverick (kyky - atat - Em/e - Bb - DD - AA/TT for furnishings)
- OFA Hips - Excellent
- OFA Cardiac - Normal
- OFA Elbows - Normal
- DNA Health Testing - Clear - DM, 
Neonatal Encephalopathy with seizures, GM2 Gangliosidosis, Osteochondrodysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration, Von Willebrand Disease l
- Pedigree on file and available upon request

Phantom Merle F1 Bernedoodle

Our very own F1 Bernedoodle Girl Lakeland is stunning! She has the temperament we aim for in our program, she is a laid back attentive girl. Loves affection and being handled, and spends a lot of time cuddling. Her Structure is a fantastic favorite from the Bernese Mountain Dog. She is very intelligent and eager to learn, with a balanced drive, one of her favorite activities is to relax and sleep on her back. Please follow along with us as she grows. She will be a foundation girl for our Australian Bernedoodle Line as well as our F1b Bernedoodle line. 


- OFA Hips - Good
- OFA Elbow - Negative
- OFA Cardiac - 

Bubbling Springs Doodles Stud Service

Interested in Stud Service?

What is the process for Bubbling-Springs Stud Service?

  • At the time you decide to use one of our males as a stud, a stud contract will need to be signed.

  • However, we hold the right at anytime to cancel outside stud service if we need to use one of our studs for our program. If this happens we will let you know and will refund your reservation fee.

  • You will need to show proof from a licensed veterinarian that all vaccinations are up to date for your bitch, especially rabies.You will also be required to show a negative Brucellosis test within 1 week of the first breeding. Your bitch should be clean and free of all parasites.

  • Your bitch can be dropped off at our home and we will keep her for the duration of the breeding (usually 5-7 days). You should drop off enough food for her so, she doesn’t get an upset stomach while she is at our place. She will have her own kennel while she is here.

  • You will be required to pick up your bitch within 24 hours of her last tie or last attempt (whichever happens to occur).

  • Please review the stud contract.