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How do I get on your list?

Step 1: Fill out your application.

Step 2: Complete an interview call with us.

Step 3: Send in reservation fee and complete the reservation agreement.

Once all 3 steps are completed you'll officially be on our list!

Have questions? Feel free to visit our FAQ page.

Step 1

Puppy Application

We have a master wait list for our F1 Bernedoodles, F1b Bernedoodles, and a master wait list for our Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies. When you pay your $400 non refundable reservation fee, complete the reservation agreement, as well as an interview call your name will be put on our master wait list in order that reservation fees are made. When it comes to your name you will be able to pick a puppy or you can defer to another litter. If you decide to defer your name stays where it is however, we then move to the next person on the master list. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!!

Sex preferred although can't be guaranteed:

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2

Complete your interview call with us.

Step 3

Send in reservation fee and complete the reservation agreement.

Reservation Fee

You can pay the $400 nonrefundable reservation fee via Venmo. Our Venmo name is bubbsprings. Please put only "Reservation" in the comments section.

There is also a 6% PA sales tax that is added to the final cost.

Bernedoodles are $4.000

Reservation Agreement

Nonrefundable Reservation List Agreement

In order for your $400 non-refundable reservation list fee to be accepted, please agree to the following terms:

1. I understand and agree that my $400/$500 reservation fee is non-refundable. I am not guaranteed my puppy of choice or gender of choice.  (Please see number 11). I understand and agree to the terms and conditions.

2. I also understand that the timing of litters is uncontrolled, as well as a successful pregnancy. We are not able to control the timing of heat cycles. We also can not control how many puppies the dam will have or a successful delivery. We have the right to cancel a reservation due to the best interest of the parents involved (the health of our parent dogs is paramount to having a litter). In the event a reservation list for (breeding pair) is canceled, I will be given other upcoming options. Heat cycles and timing is not guaranteed. I understand and agree that timing is never guaranteed.

3. When client pays a non-refundable reservation fee, they are allowed to be on one reservation list and can ONLY choose ONE puppy. If client wants two puppies, I understand that two deposits are required. I understand that my deposit places me on one reservation list; and it is only for one puppy.

4. Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC reserves the right to use any puppy selections in any form or fashion without restriction. This means that if someone removes themselves from our master list we can replace them with whoever we choose. We also reserve the right to replace a client that chooses to remove themselves from the list (must be in writing) with our own selection. I understand and agree to Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC's right to use their pick in any form or fashion they choose.

5. I am aware that puppies can have certain common ailments upon coming home. Urinary tract infections, parasites, ear infections, and allergy issues are all common. While we routinely deworm and monitor for potential UTI's and ear infections, sometimes the stress of leaving the breeder causes issues to flare up. I understand it will be my responsibility to treat and care for my new puppy once they leave the breeder. I understand that puppies can have certain ailments and I agree to ensure they get the proper care and medication, if needed.

6. I understand it is my responsibility to pick up my puppy at Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC or make other arrangements. I agree I am responsible for all costs and arrangements associated with picking up the puppy on go home day.

7. I understand that there is a 6% sales tax not included in the purchase price of the puppy and due at pick up. I agree to pay the 6% sales tax at the time of pick up.

8. First - fourth pick is reserved for Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC. I agree that Bubbling Springs Doodles LLC has the opportunity to keep 1st - 4th pick.

9. Emails will be sent periodically from Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC from the time a reservation fee is received all the way through until when the puppy goes home. It is the client's responsibility to check your emails throughout this process. If an email is sent from Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC and it requires a response, the client has two days to respond back. If Bubbling Springs doesn't hear back within 2 days the client will be replaced with another client on the master wait list. I agree to respond back to Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC emails within 2 days. I understand that not doing so will forfeit my place on the list and I will be replaced. I also understand that I must notify Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC of any emails or contact information changes ASAP.

10. As long as a litter is offered to you... the non-refundable reservation fee and agreement is valid. You are able to defer one time.  After that you will forgo the original reservation fee and an additional reservation fee (of $400 or $500) will have to be submitted in order stay on a list at Bubbling Springs.  If you defer to a later litter Bubbling Springs can not guarantee where you will be paced on the later list.  Example, you may be 4th on the current list and when you defer you could be last pick on the next upcoming litter OR if the next upcoming litter is full you will be placed somewhere on the list of the next available litter.    I agree that my non-refundable reservation fee is valid for up to one deferment on the waitlist at Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC.  The $400/$500 nonrefundable reservation fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. 

11. If someone remains on the list for over a year the price is subject to change. I agree to the pricing change if I remain on the list for over a year.

12.  A second payment is due within 24 hours of receiving the email from Bubbling Springs that announces the birth of the litter that you are on the waitlist for.  This will be roughly when the puppies are two days old.  This payment will be double your first payment.  Example if you are spot 1-4 you paid a $500 initial reservation fee.  So you would owe $500 at the time the litter is born.  If you are spot 5-6 you paid a $400 initial reservation fee.  You would now owe an additional $400 when the litter is born.  I agree to the second nonrefundable fee to remain on the list once the litter is born.  

By signing your name below, you agree to Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC terms and conditions regarding the non-refundable reservation fee.

By signing your name below, you agree to the Bubbling Springs Doodles, LLC terms and conditions regarding the non-refundable reservation fee. 

Thanks for submitting!

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