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Our Frenquently asked Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Question 

What breeds do you offer?

We offer the following exceptional puppies:

  • F1 Standard Bernedoodles

    • 55-80 pounds

    • Tri colored

  • Multigen mini/medium Bernedoodles

    • 35-50 pounds​

    • Chocolate Tri colored and Black Tri colored

  • F1b medium/standard Bernedoodles

    • 45-60 pounds​

    • Phantom, Merle, Chocolate and Tri colored

We also offer Poodle and Bernedoodle Dog Stud Service. We are located in Pennsylvania. If you have question please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

How does your waitlist work?

- We have an individual wait list for our F1b and Multigen Bernedoodle puppies.
- For our F1 Standard Bernedoodles we have 2 waitlists.  One is for River and one for Nyla. When you make a $400 non refundable reservation fee and complete the reservation agreement your name will be put on one of our wait lists in the order that reservation fees are made. 

- The first four spots will remain open on every waitlist.  If we are not holding back a puppy or puppies from a litter we will open up those spots for breeders, families with service/therapy/ES/facility dog applications, or families that want a specific sex or color of puppy.  These spots are all $2000 more than pet price.   I will only be taking waitlist reservation fees for spots 5 and 6 prior to the litter being born.  The spots are for families that want a loveable puppy and aren't set on color and/or sex.  These spots will be the normal pet price.  
-Selections -  You will be given a half hour time slot where you can either come and visit the puppies in person OR make your selection via phone. 
-Deferment -  If you would like to defer your spot in line you will have to send me your written decision no later than 48 hours after you receive our confirmation of mating email.  Once those 48 hours have passed you aren't able to defer.  You will lose your $400 nonrefundable reservation fee in this case.   If you decide to defer (before the mating confirmation email is received),  your name will move to the next open spot on your desired wait list.  You may either move up or down in pick order on the new list.  Your current numbered spot is not guaranteed.  You are only allowed to defer 1 time.  If you want to move to another list, and you have already switched a wait list once,  another $400 reservation fee will have to be placed so you can get onto the other waitlist.  Your first reservation fee will be forgone, as it is non-refundable.  
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

*Current wait time for a puppy is approximately 6-12 months.

**If you choose to be on a waitlist and there are no puppies currently available, you can pay a reservation fee to hold your place in line for an upcoming litter. 

1. First Payment - will hold your place in line for order of pick - non refundable - $400 is due for spots 5-6/8.  $500 will be due for spots 1-4.  

2.  Second payment - is due once the puppies are two days old - this is also a non refundable fee.  I will send out an email announcing the litter.  This email will also serve as a reminder that  the second payment is due.  You will have 24 hours to submit this second payment.  (If you paid a $400 reservation fee to get on our list for spots 5-6.  You would owe and additional $400 at this time.  If you paid a $500 reservation fee to get on our list for spots 1-4.  You would owe an additional $500 at this time.) 

3. Final Payment (plus sales tax) - is due at pick up unless your puppy is being transported via ground transport then the final amount, plus sales tax and transport cost is due no later than 4 days before your puppy scheduled to leave our premises.

**If you aren't on our wait list and the puppies were already born there will also be 2 payments:

1. First Payment - will hold your place in line for order of pick - non refundable - $800

2. Second Payment (plus sales tax) - due at pick up unless your puppy is being transported via ground transport then the final amount, plus sales tax and transport cost is due no later than 4 days before your puppy is scheduled to leave our premises.

Other information:

  • If you would like to get a puppy from us, and, the list is full OR you don't want to pay the $400/$500 reservation fee and you are willing to take your chances that we will have more puppies than reservation fees.  Please email us and we can put your name on a separate list.  This isn't for a specific wait list/pairing.   IF we would have a family defer OR we have more puppies than reservation fees we would reach out to this general list BEFORE we advertise on our website or social media.  This allows you first chances at our puppies!   There is a $50 non refundable fee for this service.  

  • There is no guarantee that I will have a specific color in a specific sex of puppy. If this is the case your deposit can roll over to another litter. However, I may not have another litter right away, because we are a small breeder. I also can’t guarantee heat cycles or successful pregnancies. I want a healthy successful pregnancy just as much as you do however, nature doesn’t always allow this. For that reason reservation fees are non refundable but, can be rolled over to another litter. I can guarantee you will get a puppy. I just can’t guarantee timing.

  • All of our puppies are de-wormed on a strict schedule.​

  • Your puppy will have all the necessary vaccines and a health certificate by the time he/she goes home with you.

  • I will send photos and/or videos of your puppy while they are growing up so, you can enjoy watching him/her grow.

  • If you live a far distance and can not drive to pick your puppy we can discuss ground transport, flights (cargo - this is my last resort option) and a flight nanny transport (under certain circumstances I will fly your puppy to you). I have numerous reputable people that I would recommend for delivering your puppy to you by ground or air. The cost of grounds is usually around $350. The cost for a flight is usually $450 (this is subject to change and is not an exact estimate). I would need to get a quote for air and ground to be exact on the price.  

  • All puppies will be started on crate training.

  • Mircochipping is available for an extra $45.00. You can then register the microchips  through AKC reunite for an additional charge. Please let me know if you would like this option.

  • A Snuggle Puppy is also available for Go Home Day for an additional $45.00. We put the puppy in with the litter so it has the litter's scent on it which helps with the transition period.  

  • All puppies receive extra love and attention daily.

What do our puppies cost?

You can pay the nonrefundable reservation fee via Venmo. Our Venmo name is bubbsprings. Please put "Reservation" only in the comment section. (Spots 1-4 requires a $500 nonrefundable reservation fee.  Spots 5-6 require a $400 non refundable reservation fee. ) 

There is also a 6% PA sales tax that is added to the final cost.

Bernedoodles are $4,000

Do you offer a stud service?

We do offer stud service click here or the button below to get more details!

I'm ready to get on the list! Where do I start?

Click the Apply Now button below to review our 3 step process to getting on our list!

When it comes time to fill out the puppy contract, you can fill and complete it by clicking the button below.

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