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Puppy Picks & Go Home Day

Everything you need to know about how you pick your puppy and what to expect when they go home.

Puppy Picks & Go Home Protocol

All puppy selections take place between 3 and 7 weeks of age. Each wait list will work a little different.  I do allow selections to happen as early as 3 weeks old.  At 3 weeks of age you will be selecting your puppy based on coloring and/or sex.  Although this is important to a lot of families, temperament may be more important to others.  If this is the case you can push back your selection to 5-6 weeks of age.  This gives you an idea of what the puppies temperaments and personalities will be.  

I spend an exuberant amount of time with my puppies.  I get to know each one extremely well.  By 5-6 weeks old I will be able to tell you the personalities of each and every puppy.  If you decide to wait I will be able to gather information on each puppy's traits, including energy, assertiveness, confidence, tender-heartedness, human focus, drive, etc. This allows us to honor our puppies and give them a say in the type of home they go to, while helping each family choose the perfect fit for their family, lifestyle, and goals.

This process is essential for anyone looking to purchase a puppy for therapy, service or facility dog purposes. If our puppies are being selected to perform specific tasks, we need to make sure that their lifestyle is the right fit for them. 

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