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How We Protect Puppies

Everything you need to know about how we protect puppies during the adoption process.

Bubbling Springs Protocol

Although our puppies are exposed to all kinds of activities and human interaction during their time within our home, we still need to be very careful about keeping our puppies safe. There are canine diseases that, when passed on to a puppy, are quite often lethal. We strive to eliminate this risk as much as possible by creating a safe, bio-secure environment for our puppies.


All families purchasing a Bubbling Springs puppy will be asked to come visit and select their new puppy around 8 weeks of age, once temperament evaluations and vet checks are both complete. These visits will always take place on a weekend. Appointments are booked in the order deposits were received and you will be selecting your puppy in person at that time (video calls are scheduled for those that cannot visit in person). When planning a visit to our home, we ask that you please abide by the following guidelines to keep our puppies safe:


Unvaccinated Dogs
Please do not visit any unvaccinated dogs, or dogs you do not know are vaccinated, within 48hrs of visiting our home. If you are visiting a friend with a dog, be sure to ask if that dog is up to date. Please do not bring any dogs with you when you visit our property, even if they are vaccinated.

Dog Parks or Vet Offices
Please do not visit any dog parks or veterinary clinics within 48hrs of visiting our home. A vet office may seem like a safe place for puppies, but there are often viruses lingering at both dog parks and vet clinics that could harm young pups with younger, weaker immune systems.

Other Breeders
Under NO circumstances is anyone to visit any other breeder within 1 week of visiting our home. Even if it is a personal friend, please do not visit any dog kennel or property where a litter of puppies may have been. Doing this could put our puppies at tremendous, unnecessary risk!


Remember: Just because a dog has been vaccinated doesn't mean they haven't picked up something on their muzzle or paws along their travels. It won't affect them because they are already vaccinated, but it puts our puppies at risk if you bring it in on your clothes or shoes when you visit. Please be extra diligent in helping us protecting your future family members.

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