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Bubbling Springs Puppy Imprinting Program

We start our puppy imprinting at 3 weeks of age. Imprinting a puppy is being able to imprint or “stamp” a permanent impression on a puppy at particular life stages where it will leave a lasting impression. The imprinting process revolves around the stages in which puppies begin to learn about the behaviors of the animals surrounding them, such as mother dog, littermates, other dogs in the household, and even, humans and children. We also focus on the human puppy bond and nurture a trusting loving bond.

We socialize our puppies with all ages and our puppies also become desensitized to things such as the sound of the T.V, music, the dishwasher running and all the thumping, clashing, and banging noises people make when using kitchen utensils or other gadgets that don't really make sense to dogs, but that they have come to accept as a normal part of living with humans. We facilitate visits from other animals, car rides, handling, and grooming.

Our goal will always be to offer puppies that are well balanced, well rounded, human focused and confident puppies, ready to take on the new adventures that await them with their new families.


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