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Temperament Testing

Everything you need to know about how evaluate our puppies.

Badass Breeder Temperament Evaluations

We conduct thorough temperament evaluations with each of our puppies around 7.5 - 8 weeks of age, before any selections take place.


This test helps to gather as much information as possible about our puppies, so future families can feel confident and informed when making their selections.


I am proud to share that I am certified as a Puppy Temperament Evaluator, which means that my evaluation techniques have been assessed and I've been awarded the highest tier for my abilities to execute evaluations and score them accordingly.


When evaluating our puppies, we look at important traits like energy, assertiveness, confidence, sight/sound sensitivity, human focus, etc so we can both honor our puppies and help each new owner select the pup that best suits their wants and needs.


Video links and detailed score sheets are sent to each family prior to selection day, so there is lots of time to learn about each puppy beforehand. Puppy selections will typically take place the first weekend following evaluations. 

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