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How Are Our Puppies Raised?

Our puppies are bred to have amazing temperaments, health, intelligence and beauty! We take a lot of time to pair our adult dogs so the puppies have excellent personalities and a gorgeous appearance. Our dogs are part of our family. Your puppy will be accustomed to children, other animals, have lots of stimulation and be well socialized when they get to you.

Our puppies are raised the Badass way!

BADASS = Breeding Awesome Dogs Acceptable for Service & Support

The Badass Breeder curriculum focuses on laying a strong foundation of true respect and trust between puppies and humans, other dogs and the world around them. By creating steadfast trust and building confidence so early on, the BaB program facilitates a lifetime of high approach, confidence, touch tolerance, low sight, and sound sensitivity, as well as quick startle recovery regardless of the environment in which the puppy goes home.

We are changing lives through the power of a dog.

We offer ENS and ESI training when your puppies are 3-16 days of age. We also do a puppy curriculum and perform puppy temperament evaluations at around 7 weeks of age.

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