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How is your puppy raised?

As a woman that has spent much of my life immersed in education and the importance of education, I wanted to incorporate those same parts of me into our breeding program. I am an elementary learning support teacher.   I’m passionate about my roles in shaping these wonderful young people. I am also a Mother, I support our children and encourage them to learn, grow in kindness, and be teachable. I wanted this to carry over into every puppy I raise and how we select the parents of our puppies.

I want our puppies to reflect our personal values and add great comfort and companionship to their families. We have researched and worked along side some of the greatest breeders in our country and the Puppy Curriculum we use was chosen based on the profound impact it has on entire litters and what it stands for.



Breeding Awesome Dogs Acceptable for Service & Support. The Badass Curriculum focuses on laying a strong foundation of true Respect and Trust between puppies and humans, other dogs and the world around them. By creating steadfast trust and building confidence so early on, the BAB program facilities a lifetime of high approach, confidence, touch tolerance, low sight and sound sensitivity, as well as quick startle recovery regardless of  the environment in which the puppy goes home. We are changing lives through the power of the dog.

What is the buying process?

Curious what breeds we offer, how our waitlist works, and what our puppies cost? Find all of that and more over on our puppy application page. Click the button below to get the whole scoop.

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